Do you have a project that could use a jump start? Interested in working together?

Here are some of the types of projects that we'd love to do with you:

  • A new look. We love to provide meaningful art direction to new or existing companies and help them stand out from the crowd.
  • A website or digital product that really needs to shine. We're really crazy about making the most memorable products around. Let's make something that makes everyone else green with envy.
  • You want a on retainer designer. We love working with teams over time and really building fantastic relationships.
  • An idea that requires working with corporate. Have a great idea but need to win approval from headquarters? We don't shy away from working with CEO or product managers. We can build trust even with the most skeptical groups.

Also, to help save everyone some time, here are some reason's not to work with us:

  • You want the lowest price. We won't be the lowest price. Not only do we not follow along with market rates, we don't even have rates. Every project is different and we work with our customers to find a price that's right for both of us. We only take work that we're sure will make more money than we charge.
  • You need it ASAP. While nothing is guaranteed, we try to stay fairly busy and the chances of immediate work are slim.
  • Your contractual terms are difficult to work with. Our relationship needs to be mutually beneficial. While we're pretty flexible about terms, if something doesn't sit right, we might walk away. That's not a threat, we just want the terms to be equally accommodating and for both of us to be excited to work together.
  • You need a local team. Our model is all about working with the right people, wherever they are. And while our team is great about working across time zones and locations, if you want everyone local, we can try and point you in a better direction.

Still here? Great! You're the perfect person we want to hear from. Drop us a line either below or at and let us know what you're thinking.

Having trouble getting started? Here's the types of emails that get us excited (feel free to copy and paste at your leisure):

Hi Gryphon Agency!

My name is [Leslie Knope], and I’m a manager at [VoteNow, a new start up]. I’d love to hire you for a project.

We’ve been tossing around the idea of [branding ourselves] as [the best place for getting people to vote]. When I asked around, my friend [Ron Swanson] recommended I get in touch with you.

We’d like to launch it by [the end of the year] in order to [coincide with the launch of our flagship product]; let us know if you think that’s reasonable. We’re looking to partner with a team that [can take this all the way from conception to launch]. You’d be working directly with me and two developers on my team, so we could move pretty quickly. We’d like to keep the price to about [$10k, though we could probably go up to $20k if you could make a good case as to why we’d need the extra].

Full disclosure: I’m talking to 2 other agencies about this work: [Super Design] and [Pawnee Enterprises].

I’m happy to provide any other detail you need. If you’re interested, let’s set up a time to chat. How does next week look for you?