Why Does Design Matter?

While you're running your company, design may be low on your list of priorities, after all, you have a business to run. So why should you invest in design?

Design for You

For those who didn't watch, design has one big impact. Good design helps us be the best versions of ourselves. Good design isn't just about what your customers and consumer's think, it's also about how you think about your company.

When you are surrounded by poor design or no effort or thought is placed on design, it translates into your work and the value you place on your company.

Our surroundings influence our moods, feelings and thoughts. When you have good design around you, it lifts you up and inspires you. Those feelings get translated into your work, into your company, and passed onto your customers.

Good design helps us be the best versions of ourselves.
— The Book of Life

Design for Customers

Design says a lot about a company; their values, intentions and goals. Little thought or value placed on design equates into little thought or value placed into the work or the customers and the opposite rings equally true.