Skylight Specialists, Inc

Skylight Specialists, Inc

At the start of 2015, we came together as a surprisingly mutual beneficial partnership. I was looking to kick start my career, and they need some design and marketing work, but had no idea where to start. They had a fast approaching trade show and wanted to redo their current print materials, so we jumped in full steam.


We did some initial consultation and research work, and did some interviews throughout the whole organization, among other things, to give us a better sense of what the users were looking for.

They handed over the design work they had been using and creating as a starting point and I dived in. They had created their materials themselves, and focused on informing their customers. This resulted in a lot of information and a confusing layout. But we did have some old design guides to use. They didn't want to change their core branding, i.e. their logo, colors or theme.


Building the Partnership

They were thrilled with the changes, and so was I. This was just the start of our great partnership. They hired me to tackle their marketing campaigns next, as they had a promotion coming up in conjunction with a manufacturer. Again, I followed a similar pattern of research and then development. We simplified used a bold image to attract attention.


Continuing Onwards

Now I'm currently working on new marketing strategies, and improving the ROI on their current ones. This has involved much more in depth research, and performance reviews.

We also updated all of their blogsites, making them more user friendly with a cleaner interface and mobile responsive. Along with the design I help manage and contribute to their content marketing on a regular basis.

After working with them for a while, I was able to provide advice to improve their sales team and performance across the board. I found a better and more effective sales CRM system with intergrated email marketing.

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