Our Founding


We Are Open for Business!

I am super excited to share the opening of my latest venture, Gryphon Graphics and Marketing. It offers graphic design and marketing services to small and medium sized businesses. With my current experiences in business, most SMB and MMB have expressed that they spend too much time and energy on marketing and design for their businesses, and want to get back to running and doing whatever it is they do best. My previous job was the marketing and design manager, so I specialize in this field.

I have always had a passion to create things, and I have studied graphic design, typography, illustration, design, 3D design and 3D animation, and I want to put my talents to good use. I will focus on the client, providing a unique marketing strategy for each goal and result.

I love small businesses, they drive the local economy and help so many people live more fulfilling lives. And being an entrepreneur myself, I want to help them succeed. I've decided to focus on several important differences within Gryphon Graphics compared to a typical marketing or design company;

  1. I don't have an office. I come to where you are. Rent is expensive, usually the second or third most expensive overhead cost for a company, after salaries and equipment. Because I drop this cost, I can pass the savings onto you.
  2. I focus on results. People buy outcomes, not products, and I'm focusing on that. Want more customers, great. Want more brand loyalty? Different, but also a good choice. I listen to your needs and deliver results, not empty products.
  3. I will always be researching, testing, and evolving my business practices and stay at the forefront of the industry, always making sure I get the best results.

I'm always open to feedback and comments, please let me know what needs or challenges you have with your business, I'd love to have a discussion about them all.