How Much Does Web Design Cost?

When starting a new business or designing a new website, most people are unsure of where to start and the costs of a new website. They assume it can be done quickly, and some smart kid they know should be able to do it for a couple of bucks. But in reality, things work a little differently.

Jordon Packard
Skylight Specialists, Inc

This family run and operated small business asked us to revamp their marketing and design experiences to match their growing business. We created a new design strategy for them, starting with their print and promotional materials. Our relationship grew from there, to include a new marketing strategy, a promotional video and now we're working a new website optimized for mobile and with more accessible information.

How to Sell Almost Anything

Ancient philosophers and thinkers aligned themselves with a beauty of nature and repeating patterns. They devised the "golden ratio" (about 1.62 to 1) that explained the beauty of everything from seashells to pantheons. But as the ages have past, and others have found other truths. David Hume considered the search for "true" beauty to be absurd. He claimed beauty was subjective and personal, not a natural law or physical attribute. “To seek the real beauty, or real deformity,” he said, “is as fruitless an enquiry, as to pretend to ascertain the real sweet or real bitter.”